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Anonymous: post a pic of urself? :)

I have posted pics- The hickey picture is my neck, and the slide show of hands are my hands on my body.

There will be more in the future, but I’ll never show my face, and it will be a while before you get full body shots and such :)

Anonymous: So, you will fuck a "woman".... What about a chubby chick?

OR a girl with a large labia?

Ballpark number to how many girls you have fucked?

No offense to the chubby chicks, but I am a pretty skinny guy. 6 feet and 140 lbs. So they are off limits to me… just feels too weird banging someone so much bigger than me.

I am a fan of the horrible tiny skinny and petite girls. It’s not a healthy image for everyone though, and I’m fine with average girls too.

Large labia? No problem. All vaginas are beautiful.

Number of girls I’ve fucked? I don’t actually count.  But to give you an idea of number/timeline: It’s greater than my age divided by two, but prooobably less than my age.

At this point in time, I’m probably the most sexually active I’ve ever been.  I’m actively fucking 2 girls, I have another I see from time to time, I have the girl from my last post which is still up in the air, and I just talked to a girl tonight who says she wants to fuck me if she breaks up with her boyfriend. Later this month I’m visiting a friend in a city a few hours away and we’re going to fuck and go to a swings club.

So after all that, my number might go over my age probably.

My point is that women aren’t numbers, they are individuals, each with their own personality, and the sex is never totally “meaningless” despite how casual it is.  I’m not having sex to tell everyone I’ve fucked 100 girls in the end. I’m having sex because I love it, and it is a passion of mine.

aego-deactivated20111005-deacti: Hmm...Even though nothing is really considered "inappropriate" on an anonymous sex blog, I guess we'll just pretend it means "inappropriate" as in for regular conversation. So, where's the strangest place you've ever jerked off?

Hmmmmm that’s a good question. I’ve never really jerked it in too many odd places. I usually reserved my adventures for sex.

I think I’m going to have to go with in class once in about….7th or 8th grade?  Though I didn’t JERK it per se. It was a very slow and subtle buildup that I doubt anyone would have noticed. I was horny, what can I say? Haha.

These days I mostly jerk it in my room. Fun fact: the more sex I have, the more I jerk off. I think that’s weird.


So I’ve been talking to this new girl from OKCupid- she’s real tall, thin, and kinda dorky. I had seen her around campus, since she’s in my major, so when I saw her on there with a 92% match, I figured I’d jump on that.

We hit it off a bit. Her profile said she’s looking for casual sex, so that’s good, cause I’m not looking for commitment. I invited her out for coffee some time, and she gave me her number.

When I got her first name, I looked her up on one of my friends profiles (I knew they used to hang together). Her profile was mostly restricted, but her formspring was listed, so I checked it out.

I didn’t mean to be so stalkerish, but if I’m going to jump on someone who I might see in the future by virtue of being in the same major at the same school, I’d like to make sure they’re not totally crazy.

What I found out may be more than I bargained for. In the array of questions, there were 3 asking her essentially if she was a man. She gave responses like:

"Well that… is a long story."

"Everyone wants to know!"

"Yes, yes I am. The rumors are in fact true. If you wanna see my scar just ask!"

But those could easily be her joking.

I’m not really sure what to believe. Here’s some points that she could be a man:

  • Really tall
  • Looooooves videogames and other nerdy things
  • She has like 8+ish gigs of porn on her computer (allegedly)
  • She doesn’t appear to have a very acute fashion sense

But those could really all down to her just being dorky (other than tall, obviously).

But that raises some questions. What if she is? Would I still do it?

If she hasn’t recieved SRS (ie. she’s not post op), It’s pretty much a definite no. I just don’t like dicks. Other than my own.

What if she’s post-op? She has a “vagina” in that case. Tranny vag’s look so weird though. And could I take it mentally? Or am I going to be fucking her constantly thinking “I just made out with a man. My dick is inside a man. I’m fucking a man.”?

Fuck me, I dunno.  I figure I can at least chill over coffee and see if she says anything about it. And if she seems cool. If I she doesnt say anything and we ent up in bed, I’d assume she thinks she’s girl enough. If not, I can just pull a “WTF?” and be like “Awww hell nah.”

What do you guys think?

Goddamn Her!

Katrina texted me today-

Hey so i now have two interviews on saturday. So i think tomorrow night would work better than tonight so i don’t go in beaten with no sleep as my first impression :p

So close! We were planning to have some fun tonight. For those who don’t remember/didn’t read, it’s going to be both our time playing with whips, since she’s really into pain and I’m into dominance.

So close, yet so far away. I’ve been craving this all week.

And of course, there’s all the rough sex I’ll get on top of that!

Oh well, more reason to look forward to Saturday…


Bring it on :P


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[Yes, these are pictures of me]

Ever since a child I’ve been good with my hands. I was born with “Piano Fingers,” if you know what that means…

…The girls tell me I have a way with my hands.

Rough. Sex.

So the other weekend, I had some pretty rough sex…choking, biting, spanking, and hair pulling- all the good stuff.

But before I get to the story, let me take the time to introduce you to my fuck buddy Katrina (not pictured)…


Katrina stands almost 6 feet tall, height/weight proportional. Not particularly voluptuous, but certainly not skinny. Her breasts are a whopping size 34DD, which are certainly the biggest I’ve ever been with. I’m actually not a fan big breasts! I typically like A’s B’s and C’s. D’s are a little much for me, but she makes it work. They kinda fit with her height.

For those of you keeping track, Katrina is Melissa’s roommate, whom I mentioned in my last story.

Her hair is dark, short, and stylish, with an alternative twist. She changes colors a lot, from crazy neon colors to naturals with colorful hilights. Right now her hair is dark brown with vibrant read chunks.

Katrina is a very alternative styled girl, and kind of runs a bit of a bad ass kind of look. I met her partying, and we became pretty good friends because of our similar tastes in music. I sorta had her friend-zoned for a while cause she was a cool friend, and I didn’t want to creep on her or anything (she admits she’s bad at giving signals of interest).

Eventually she kept complaining about not being able to get laid/the guys she went after were all too cuddly and clingy so I stepped up and was like, “no strings attached sex. If you get attached, you can say bye.”

And the rest was history. We fucked once and then I moved away for the summer. The first fuck is a kinda funny story, but not the one of focus today.

Today is about a couple weekends ago, last time we fucked. Probably one of the better times.


Kat likes it rough. We’ve always been a bit run of the mill roughness, but I’ve slowly been ramping up the roughness each time.  She’s not very SUBMISSIVE, much to my dismay, but I came to find out she is very MASOCHISTIC!

Setting the stage- It was the morning after a party at her place, in her bed. We had sex that night before, but I really just wanted t sleep, so I got maybe 2 orgasms out of her before I was just too exhausted.

I really wanted to make up for it. Moreover, my dominant side was really itching, and I wanted to fuck the living shit out of her. Rock her world.


She walked in the room while I was laying on her bed, and I joked about the marks on her neck that I left. I told her I could give her some more if she wanted, her response was “well, I already have to wear a scarf, so, why not?”

I stood up and stared her deep in the eye. I slowly walked towards her, and as our mouths got close, I reached to the back of her head and yanked her hair back, as I dove into her neck.

We furiously made out as we stripped down, shirts, belts, pants. Fighting each other for the others neck. Pulling hair, biting collarbones, bare chest to bare chest.

Naked, I pushed her down onto her bed, and pinned her down as we made out. I’m in control now. I teas my kisses lower and lower, until I’m teasing her pussy with my mouth. But I’m taking my dear sweet time. I want her to be dying for me.

We made out some more while I teased her pussy with my cock. Every so slow. I’d dip down a little bit and she’d moan, but then I’d pull up and continue teasing her clit. Each dip was closer and closer. Until finally I put the head in….pulled out…..little more…pull out…little more….. until I was almost all the way inside her, and she was gasping with pleasure, and then I push the last couple inches in and she moans in ecstacy.

The rest can’t be to descriptive really. To sum it up, I fucked her like an animal. The adrenaline rush was crazy, so I didn’t get tired. I had her legs up on my shoulders as I pounded her. I moved forward as she gets louder, and quite clearly climaxes. I felt something hit my face.

Wait what?

I look down.  It looks like…. no. Shes never?

Damn straight, squirting orgasm. Woop! I had a shit eating grin. there was a huge foot diameter circle of wet on her sheets.

She told me it happens on occasion. Squirting is one of my absolute favorite things, and i don’t get it very often, so I was very happy.

My job wasn’t done yet though, despite my pride. I had more to fuck, and a big mark to leave. I flipped her over and had her lay belly down with her legs closed; this is sort of our personal alternative for doggy style, since she’s really tall, the only way to do that is with me like bending my knees half bent over….awkward.

I start fucking her like this, wherein I begin to smack her ass. I start off a little easy to get her less sensitive, but then I start throwing in some big ones. As time went on, I’m literally wailing some of my hardest hits on her ass; my goal was for a nice bruise I could call my own.

Meanwhile she’s loving it. I’m fucking her real hard and her as is red and raw. I pull her hair back and say in her ear “What do you want?” We fuck some more, and she tilts her head back and whispers in my ear “I want you to keep hitting me.” And so I did. And it was an absolutely cathartic experience.

I had her ride me for a bit, and reverse cowgirl so I got hit her ass some more. And then I came inside her as she rode me. Actually my first time coming with a girl on top, despite all the sex I have.  It’s just really hard to stimulate me when I’m laying down, so I was surprised.

And that’s pretty much the story. We talked afterwards, and next fuck I’m going to push it even further. Apparently guys are afraid of hitting her at all and it’s the farthest she’s gone. And she’s curious to find her limit.

So I promised her I’d help her find that limit. Bringing out the cat o 9 tails next time :P

A gift from a little friend of mine :)
It’s an oldish photo, from this summer, around July. I apologize for the crappy cellphone picture quality, but I figure you guys might appreciate it.
Neck bites and marks are some of my favorite things to receive! Unfortunately my current regular fuck buddy doesn’t really give me marks (I admit, the one in the photo took quite an effort from a particularly skilled friend), but I assure you I absolutely ravage her neck ;)
Post coming up soon, might start on a queue too!

A gift from a little friend of mine :)

It’s an oldish photo, from this summer, around July. I apologize for the crappy cellphone picture quality, but I figure you guys might appreciate it.

Neck bites and marks are some of my favorite things to receive! Unfortunately my current regular fuck buddy doesn’t really give me marks (I admit, the one in the photo took quite an effort from a particularly skilled friend), but I assure you I absolutely ravage her neck ;)

Post coming up soon, might start on a queue too!

First Time Entering the Danger Zone

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, but this story has a lot of juicy bits, and I have a lot of back story to fill in since this is my first post, so bear with me if you will.  I’ll label the parts of the stories so you can skip if you want.


It’s Friday night of Halloween weekend 2010. I’m sitting at home finishing up some last minute assignments before I go out for the weekend where I can forget about University. My friend Melissa sends me a Facebook Chat message saying my roommate Dan invited her over to party (this is quite normal, I hang with Melissa a lot, especially since- this is notable- her roommate is probably my most steady fuck buddy in 2 years).

Some background on Melissa- She’s been in a year long relationship that went long distance about 3-4 months ago. It’s been really tough on her, and she broke up with her boyfriend earlier this week. Shortly before she met her boyfriend, she met me, and obviously was a little interested in me (I pick up on these thingspretty well), but I had informed her I’m only doing friends and casual sex, so I was friend-zoned pretty quickly after that (which is totally cool with me. A part of living a drama free sex life is being open about your intentions and realizing it’s not a good idea to push it with someone who’s uncomfortable with the idea).

Melissa has also been talking to Dan a LOT. She thinks he has a nice ass (as she drunkenly said at one of my parties). I’d bet she wants to fuck him.


Melissa gets over, and I just finished my assignment.  I cook up a burger (can’t drink without food) and have a couple beers while I put on some music to pump everyone up. Dan starts taking shots of rum and vodka, Melissa starts drinking her trademark bottle of wine.

After I eat, I put on my Halloween costume, and head over to the nearby apartment we were invited to a party at.  Usually their parties are low key, but they were significantly packed, almost as much as one of my parties (I like to throw big parties- just not for holidays).

We had fun, met a whole bunch of people.  I was more drunk than I planned. Dan’s costume was a huge hit. Melissa was raging drunk (in a good way) and bit Dan’s ass.  It began to become increasingly obvious that Melissa was like a cat in heat- fair enough, she hadn’t been laid in 3 months!

WOOP! Fire alarm goes off.  We walk back to our apartment, cause it’s been a few hours and everyone’s toasted.

I put on music again, and we’re all drunkenly wandering about. I sent Dan a text message telling him what to do if he wants to get laid (Melissa had been telling me earlier she wanted someone to pull her hair and smack her ass). Dan disappeared briefly, and I walked over to my room.

In the hallway, Melissa appeared and looked at me. Something just sort of connected when I looked her in the eye, and she walked towards me where we made out for maybe half a minute.

And then I pulled off and was like “look, I’m trying to push Dan onto you, since I know you want him.”

Dan is a little weird. He hasn’t been laid in a long time, and I think he’s afraid of casual sex. Despite my further attempts to get him laid (He needs the sex more than I do- I’m already fucking Melissa’s room mate), he responded to my text saying he wasn’t up for it.

Dan said he was gunna go and left me in my room with Melissa on my bed.


It was obviously my job now. Not that I have a problem with that. I always thought Melissa was hot.  She’s a skinny little blonde girl; very feisty. I have a huge thing for skinny chicks.

I close my door and hop on the bed. She turns; we kiss. We furiously make out. I’m drunk, and try to unclip her bra with my left hand. I’m a righty.  I apologize and do it first time with the other hand. Clothes come off, one by one, and soon enough, I’m face down in the crotch of my hot friend who I thought would forever be off limits.

(I’m glossing over a lot of details cause I was drunk, and this isn’t supposed to be erotic fiction. Timeline will seem shorter than it was)

She comes once, maybe twice. Damn she’s easier to please than her room mate. I love that. I get up off that and we furiously make out again. I get my condoms out, and she’s lying on my bed spread eagle.

I fuck her like there’s no fucking tomorrow, and you can goddamn hear it. Hand over throat, rough as you could imagine. It was 2 am and I felt bad for the guy living next to me cause she’s a borderline screamer.

I flip her over to fuck her from behind; we fuck like animals. I’m beating the shit out of her ass and she’s loving it. She must have come like 5 times or so at this point. I pull out for a bit and finger her while she’s bent over.

The Danger Zone

As I was fingering her, she was repeating “Oh Mack….you can do anything you want to me…”  In my experience previously, that statement is nothing more than fantasy talk, but I was drunk and adventurous. Since I was fingering her, my thumb was already rubbing on her asshole little. I decided I’d push in, gently, just a little. Worst case she says “Woah what’s up with that” and I go “my bad.”  But I had a gut feeling about this.

I start on it. I didn’t think she could get louder, but she did. She LOVES it. next thing you know, I’m fingering her ass, and she’s in absolute fucking ecstasy. This is unprecedented. I pull back her hair and call her my slut. She asks me to put it in her.

I had never done anything with anyones ass before. I had read up on it, but it wasn’t particularly a fantasy of mine- I’ve always held that I would only ever do it if the girl wanted me to.   And well, she really wanted me to.

I worked up my fingers, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and then replaced it with my cock. She moaned so hard. I pounded her ass and I could have swore she was going to have a heart attack.

eventually I stopped, I didnt want to do damage.

I pulled out and told her I was pretty much done. For explanation- I have a condition called delayed ejaculation- it’s pretty DAMN hard to get me to come. And that’s sober.  Drunk? I can’t really feel much of anything.

We layed back in post coital bliss and she thanked me for everything repeatedly. She told me she was seriously impressed, and that guys are usually afraid to go for that.

Not me, I’m more adventurous now than ever.

We fucked again in the morning, just as loud.  She gave me some AMAZING head. I hope I can get more of that from her soon.  We fucked some more and did the anal thing again- I wasn’t dreaming, she LOVES it. Weird to me, but hey, I’m cool with it.

Anal sex doesn’t really feel any better than vaginal. I’m still fine without it. On the other hand, I am SUPER dominant in bed, so the dominant aspect off it was really getting me off. And the taboo aspect got me off too.

I finished this time, came inside her (condom! I always use a condom! And yes, no anal-to-vaginal penetration).

So that was my first ever entry into the world of anal play/sex. We’re talking now about possibly arranging a threesome with her and her roommate now.  We’ll see about that.

Anywho, I think that’s enough story for now. I could seriously go on and on….